26 August, 2016

Open Letter To Huntington Mayor Steve Williams: Make Huntington The -Proof-Of-Concept For How To End Drug Prohibition

Open Letter To Huntington Mayor Steve Williams
800 Fifth Avenue
P.O. Box 1659
Huntington, WV 25701

Don’t waste the opportunity 27 heroin overdoses in 4 hours have given you. Seize this opportunity to use your nationwide “platform” to call for the end of drug prohibition and to make Huntington the “proof-of-concept” for how to do it.

The end of alcohol prohibition provides us with the model for how to do it. Every time you see somebody go into Rite Aid or CVS and peacefully buy a bottle of whiskey without anyone getting gunned down by a competitor and without anyone being arrested, you see the model work. You can rid Huntington of the Detroit drug dealers immediately if you ask Washington to let you test the end of drug prohibition, following the alcohol model.

Drug manufacturing and sales would be regulated and taxed. Legally sold and distributed heroin would not be cut with fentanyl or rat poison so it would be as “safe” as heroin can be. Opana, meth, cocaine and marijuana could be regulated, licensed and taxed the same way.

Don’t waste the nationwide megaphone these drug overdoses have handed you.

Stop sending your police officers on a futile, daily fool's errand they "can't arrest their way out of." 

You can't hire enough police officers to arrest your way out of this mess.

We can't build enough prisons to jail our way out of this mess.

As long as drug dealers have a monopoly on drugs Huntington will have Detroit drug dealers.

Follow the alcohol post-prohibition model. Then choose your higher office.

Joseph Higginbotham
3501 MacCorkle Ave SE

Charleston, WV 25304-1419

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