13 June, 2013

How To Remain Informed About St. Albans Neighborhood Watch And The News Of Your Ward

Instead of fliers stuck to your doors or in your gates, start looking for meeting announcements and other St. Albans Neighborhood Watch news in the Charleston Newspapers and in the St. Albans Monthly.  Since neighborhood watch groups are not funded by the city, we need FREE ways to reach out and inform our neighborhoods. 
Debbie Shull, owner of the St. Albans Monthly, gave us a lot of free space in the current (June) issue and we really appreciate it. 

Look for us on Facebook. "Like" our page "The Saint Albans Neighborhood Watch, St. Albans, WV" and join our group "Public Group For St. Albans, WV, Neighborhood Watch".

We have both a page and a group for this reason: No matter how the Googler spells the name of our town (Saint or St.) the page shows up in a Google search and directs the Googler to our group. We want you to join the group because members get notifications when new things are posted.

In addition to joining the "Public Group For St. Albans, WV, Neighborhood Watch", there are two other groups we recommend: On Facebook, join the "St. Albans Police Department" group. Captain James Agee of the SAPD runs this group and it's a good forum to discuss everything from stolen property to lost pets to meth lab busts and other arrests.

On Linkedin, join LinkedSt.Albans. LinkedSt.Albans is a discussion forum about all things St. Albans. 

People who attend a meeting and give us their smart phone numbers and email addresses are added to our roster. It's essential that all members know how to reach one another so rosters are updated each month and sent in Excel format to members who have given us their email addresses.