23 June, 2009

New! St. Albans WV LinkedIn group

I just created a new St. Albans WV LinkedIn group to encourage past and current residents of to find and network with each other.

Q and A:
Q. What is LInkedIn?
LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where 40 million members create a profile, join groups, introduce each other, recommend people and a great many other networking functions.

Q. Why did you choose LinkedIn instead of , say, Facebook?
I chose LinkedIn first for its superior handling of discussions. My aim is to make the new St. Albans Wv LinkedIn group a place where St. Albans people go to share ideas, take a stroll down memory lane and maybe even to brainstorm about how to re-imagine St. Albans as something better than it is.

To join the LinkedIn St. Albans WV group you'll need to first open a free LinkedIn account atwww.linkedin.com.

After joining LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com, go to "search groups" and type in "St. Albans WV", click on the group and then click "join".

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