28 September, 2009

My First Blog Post From West Virginia

My rich Republican friend, Joe Bird, provided me with an unexpected and welcome break on moving day. About 4PM - just a few hours after Sweat Moving and Storage moved me for the third time - Joe Bird dropped by, put me in his Lexus and squired me to Tim Horton's where he plied me with some much-needed food, coffee and thoughtful conversation. After weeks of 12 hour days of doing and thinking about little else but packing and making my house clean and inviting to its new owners, I needed to think about and talk about something besides The Move.

I'm afraid I wasn't much company to my loyal friend, Joe Bird, who overlooks our class/socio-economic differences, religious differences and political differences and risks losing his "conservative, Republican, evangelical" credentials every time he's seen in public with me. Despite hating everything I stand for, Joe has always put our friendship above our ideological differences. During my pre-election visit to WV last fall, Joe and his wife Gloria treated me to dinner at Lola's in South Hills, perhaps the one restaurant in Charleston where nearly every car on the parking lot sported an Obama bumper sticker. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot and I saw all those blue Obama bumpers stickers I felt right at home but Joe and Gloria must have felt like they were behind enemy lines.

I need to hear more of my rich Republican friend's career advice as I start my job search here.

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