08 June, 2010

Do I Really Need A Cover Letter? Inc's Jason Fried Says You Need It More Than You Need A Resume

After I blog about job search strategy I get emails asking me if cover letters really matter, if anybody really reads them.

This time I’m going to answer that question by referring job seekers to Jason Fried’s “Never Read Another Resume” in this month’s Inc. magazine. Fried says, “cover letters say it all.”

Now before I give you the link and send you off to read why Fried says cover letters are far more revelatory than resumes – which Fried says are full of exaggerations and lies anyway – I should warn you that Fried’s philosophy simply won’t work at companies where candidates’ submissions are scanned for keywords by recruiters who don’t even know what the buzzwords mean. But if you’re looking for a job in a smaller firm like Fried’s you’re going to find Fried’s remarks very important.

Here’s the link:


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