05 August, 2010

My Phone Conversation With Dr. Ken Hechler, Candidate For "The Robert Byrd Senate Seat"

A few days ago I sent a letter to Dr. Ken Hechler asking him where I could buy some "Hechler For Senate" bumper stickers. I wanted to pass them around at the next meeting of Living Liberally where many of our members said they'd rather elect a 95-year-old Democrat than a much younger man who will probably switch parties (from Democrat to Republican) if we elect him to "the Byrd Senate Seat". Yesterday I got a call from Dr. Hechler who informed me that his campaign doesn't have bumper stickers. He encouraged me and the Living Liberally tribe to feel free to print our own "Hechler For Senate" stickers.

I asked him if he could send me the Hechler campaign's official bumper sticker artwork or the official Hechler campaign logo.

Dr. Hechler informed me that his campaign doesn't have an official logo or artwork.

The Hechler campaign also doesn't seem to have a website.

Let's review: While the Hechler "campaign" has a legendary former Congressman and WV Secretary of State as a candidate, the Hechler "campaign" doesn't seem to really have a campaign.

Dr. Hechler, if, as the media says, you're only "running" to draw attention to the issue of mountain top removal, then just keep winking and nodding and smiling and letting others define you, marginalizing you because of your age, but if you are serious about giving West Virginia Democrats a choice between Republican Light and a real Democrat, then hire a campaign manager, start raising money, put up a website and challenge Joe Manchin to a series of debates - which you'll win.

If Joe Manchin won't debate you, hold the debate anyway with an empty chair where the empty suit would be sitting if he weren't afraid to get his DINO butt kicked by a 95-year-old man.

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