06 April, 2011

Rick Thompson's People Giving Me The Love of Jeeeeezzussss Because I Criticized Their TV Ad

Some of Rick Thompson's people have been giving me the love of Jeeeezzzzus  because of what I said about their TV ad. One of Rick Thompson's northern WV operatives told me that unless I have ever won an elected office myself, I am not entitled to an opinion about the TV ad. The Thompson operative isn't at all concerned that a Democratic voter is turned off by the Thompson ad and there's a simple reason for that: the Thompson ad isn't aimed at Democrats - at least not at the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. No, the Thompson ad is a cynical appeal to the kind of right wing religious voters who get all their news from Fox and might be persuaded to vote for a guy who plays gospel songs in his TV ad.

The Thompson campaign doesn't know and doesn't care about the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

They would never admit it, of course, but I suspect they've heard a lot of criticism about the ad. Last night I happened to be in the home of a Democrat when the ad came on TV and my Democratic host - totally unsolicited - commented that the ad didn't contain one reason for voting for Rick Thompson.

To be fair, my Democratic Host went on to say that none of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates have given a reason to vote for them yet.

Moments later, "Big John Perdue'" ad came on TV causing my host and I to wonder aloud which ad was more insulting to us, the Thompson ad in which Thompson sings "I Saw The Light" or the Perdue ad with it's almost tourettic repetition of the word "big".

My voting strategy is simple: I vote for the most progressive, electable candidate in any race. So far, West Virginia's Democratic gubernatorial primary is giving candidates who are electable but none who are progressive as far as I can tell so in the interest of full disclosure, Higginbotham At Large isn't endorsing any candidate at the moment.

There are, however, Democratic gubernatorial candidates who definitely won't get my vote or my volunteering efforts.

I can't vote for Earl Ray Tomblin because he's a conservative and he tried to deprive West Virginians of the opportunity to elect a new governor.

I can't vote for "Big John Perdue" because his obsession with the word "big" reminds me too much of Mr. Wilder's 12th grade psychology class. Yeah, I'm sure Mr. Wilder would have a field day with the Perdue ad.

I can't vote for Rick Thompson because his TV ad makes it clear that he's trying to appeal to the same demographic and psychographic group conservatives will be trying to reach in the General Election.

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