14 September, 2012

Contentious Exchange Between John Dahlia And Richard Carter At 13 September EBA Meeting

At the Thursday 13 September meeting of the Educational Broadcasting Authority board Richard Carter (Director of Television Production at WVPBS) and board member John Dahlia had a tense exchange over the popular, locally-produced kids show, Abracadabra. Mr. Dahlia expressed frustration about the time it takes to produce the show and about some of Carter's production decisions, notably use of staff and costs related to staff travel. At one point in the discussion, Carter was trying to explain his camera, lighting and other needs when Dahlia reminded Carter that he (Dahlia) is a former news director and doesn't need to be talked down to about cameras and lighting.

Executive Director, Dennis Adkins and Director of Finance, Michael Meador, reported positive financial news. Cash, receivables and underwriting are all up over last year.

Beth Vorhees, Director of News and Public Affairs, reported the hiring of 2 new reporters and that the WVPBS newsroom will now be staffed on weekends. The new reporters will cover the West Virginia legislature.

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