06 March, 2013

I Once Thought I Got The Job Because I Was The Best Applicant

I once thought I got a job because I was the best applicant. That's what the hiring manager told me. Yep, he told me that 50 people answered his ad in the Charleston Gazette and that from that stack of 50 resumes he selected a few of the best, called those chosen few in for interviews and selected me.

Yeah, when I got the job I was feeling p-r-e-t-t-y good about myself. I thought I was a hotshot resume writer and interviewer.

Turns out, I wasn't even the most qualified candidate.

I later learned that the reason I got the job was because the hiring manager's dad worked with my dad which gave the hiring manager an irrationally warm and familiar feeling toward me. It's a good thing the better-qualified candidates' dads didn't work with the hiring manager's dad because there's no way I could have gotten that job in a fair fight.

In yesterday's lengthy post I had a lot to say about how jobseekers can benefit from life's unfairness. In future posts I'll reveal some top secret headhunter stuff that headhunters don't want you to know unless they can make money from your knowing it.

By the way, I'm not selling anything so I have no monetary incentive to lie to you about what my years as a hiring manager and headhunter have taught me about how the job market really works.
For more on how to gain an unfair advantage over other job applicants, slide over to the archive and look at YESTERDAY's post.
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