07 November, 2013

Galloway V Greece: No Matter What The Supreme Court Decides, You'll Know That This Case Is About A Town Council That Chose The One Use Of Prayer That Would Make Some Of Its Citizens Feel Unwelcome At Town Government Meetings

The women behind the Galloway V. Greece case, Linda Stephens and Susan Galloway, have told reporters they would not have felt like outcasts at their own town meetings if council opened with a generic prayer rather than a Christian prayer. And, of course, Galloway, who is Jewish, and Stephens, who is atheist, could not be offended or made to feel as if their town council wanted to alienate them if meetings opened with a moment of silence or even if the Christians obeyed their own Bible and did their praying in secret (Matthew 6:6). 

But the town council of Greece, NY, chose the one prayer option that made an atheist and a Jew feel unwelcome and alien in their own town government meetings: government meetings are opened with a Christian prayer offered up by a Christian clergyman.There's no mistaking Greece town council's intent. These prayers are meant to send a message to Jews like Galloway and atheists like Stephens that non-Christians are unwelcome at town  meetings.

As the US Supreme Court hears arguments and debates the constitutionality of the Galloway V Greece case, journalists, judges, lawyers and historians across the nation will debate the constitutionality of opening town council  meetings with Christian prayer as if constitutionality is all that matters here. But you'll know the truth:  this case isn't just about the constitutionality of Greece, New York's practice of opening government meetings with Christian prayer. You'll know that this case is really about a town council that has chosen the one prayer policy that would make Galloway and Stephens feel unwelcome at their own town  meetings.
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