02 December, 2013

A St. Albans City Councilman Has Been Sending Me (and others) Obscene and Racist Emails

St. Albans has its very own Carl Paladino.

A St. Albans city councilman has been sending me (and others) obscene and racist emails. 

I have asked him to forget my email address and my name. He is dead to me. He is an embarrassment to his office. 

Have you received racist and obscene emails from a St. Albans city council member? If you have, please let him  know that you expect your elected officials to be exemplars of decency, inclusiveness, decorum and professionalism and that you do not expect them to behave like 8th graders who  just learned new words that make their parents ashamed of them.

If this city councilman does not stop sending me these emails I will expose him by releasing some of these offensive emails via Facebook, Twitter and my blog.

And if there is any appetite on St. Albans city council to have this man removed from office, let me know how I can help.

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