25 July, 2014

Secretary Tennant, Ask Candidates For Their Utility Bills And Other Proofs of Residency - Just Like At The DMV

In West Virginia, the DMV requires more proof of residency for drivers to get a license than the Secretary of State's office requires for candidates to remain on the ballot. But the age old problem of political candidates lying about their residency so they can get elected to offices for which they don't meet residency requirements is not as intractable as it may appear. 

It's time for Natalie Tennant to crack down on candidates who fail to provide at least as much proof of residency as the DMV requires to obtain a drivers license. 

I recently learned that one of my elected representatives has not filed the required papers to remain on the ballot and that there are serious questions about where she lives.  My concern is not politically motivated. Yes, I am a liberal Democrat and the elected official in question is a Republican but I would be just as outraged if she were a member of my party. In a democracy, there are few things more sacred and sacrosanct than clean elections. 

The Republicans are threatening to dig into Democrats' residency claims. I hope they do. I hope all election law violators will be exposed and removed from the ballot.

Prospective office holders should undergo at least as much scrutiny as prospective drivers. Secretary Tennant, before you leave the Secretary of State's office for a US Senate seat, please order your employees to verify the residency of everyone on a West Virginia ballot. Do what the DMV would do: require utility bills and other proofs of residency. Compare and contrast the addresses on their filing papers with the addresses on their drivers licenses. Give West Virginia the most fraud-free, most verified candidates in the nation.  

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