25 December, 2014

So Why Didn't Judge Johnston Sentence Animal Abuser, Thomas Pepin, To A Little Starvation and Asphyxiation?

I've long believed in "in kind" punishment for criminals so when I read Kate White's Gazette news story about District Court Judge Thomas Johnston sentencing Thomas Pepin to a month in prison after Pepin starved and suffocated turtles he had illegally captured and shipped to customers I wondered why Johnston, who clearly understood that the real crime here was the torture, not to the illegal shipping, didn't make Pepin suffer, too.

"Quite frankly, the worst part for me is the cruelty exhibited to the turtles" said Johnston. 

So why didn't Johnston hand down a sentence that would remind Pepin of what he did to those turtles?

The prisons are full of people whose incarcerations have nothing to do with the crimes that put them behind bars. Judges have the power to change that. So why don't they? 

Judge Johnston, next time you have an animal abuser before you, do to the abuser what the abuser did to the animal. Pepin could have been starved, deprived of water and suffocated a little.

And why don't judges use the power of shame and humiliation to punish monsters like Pepin? As a taxpayer I'd be willing to pay for it if judges would publish photos of animal abusers like Pepin in their hometown newspapers along with a headline stating what they did. 

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