23 January, 2015

Joseph Higginbotham Is The New Owner Of Linkedin's Largest Blogger Group, The Blog Zone

Linkedin's largest community of bloggers, The Blog Zone, is open under new management.

With over 24,000 members, The Blog Zone is, by far, Linkedin's largest blogger group. I am  the new owner/manager.

The Blog Zone now has a zero-tolerance for spam.

The Blog Zone now has a zero-tolerance for account names that violate Linkedin terms of use. 

I have ejected about 1500 or so members for violations of various kinds. 

The Blog Zone is now safe for Linkedin members who are serious about blogging. 

Come join  us. 

Higginbotham At Large does not read or publish pseudonymous or anonymous comments. When you click the "submit" button your comment is not yet published it is merely sent to me for my approval or deletion. Commenters who hide behind "handles", nicknames or other pseudonyms will not see their comments published here. If readers won't know who you are, I will delete your comment. No Ring of Gyges for you. I like email addresses that include the submitter's actual name like mine does: JosephHigginbotham@gmail.com.

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