28 October, 2016

My Appearance On Today's Mike Queen Show

When I lived in Lexington, KY, and wrote columns for a couple of local newspapers, I used to appear as an in-studio guest at talk shows on WVLK 590. I especially enjoyed being on Jack Pattie’s show. To this day, I don’t know if Jack agreed with my columns, my politics or anything else we talked about on his show but he was always a professional and a gentleman with me.

By contrast, one day one of Jack’s talk show colleagues booked me on her show for what I thought would be a one-on-one discussion but when I arrived at the studio I discovered that she had done what the gentlemanly Jack Pattie called “holding the cat and calling the dog.” I was the cat. Former Kentucky governor, Julian Carroll, was the dog and the talk host let him off the leash without a muzzle to shout over me throughout the entire show. 

Mike Queen did not hold the cat and call the dog. The conservative Mike Queen did not give me a hard time because I am a progressive who voted for Bernie Sanders and Charlotte Pritt. Despite our political differences, Mike was a gentleman and a professional with me just like the legendary Kentucky talk show host, Jack Pattie

Mike Queen and I discussed my recent HigginbothamHyperLocal.blogspot.com post about Charlotte Pritt’s long shot gubernatorial bid. 

Yes, I voted for Mountain Party candidate, Charlotte Pritt.

No, I don’t think the West Virginia Democratic Party, Linda Biafore, Joe Manchin or Larry Puccio listen to Charlotte Pritt or the Bernie Sanders progressives. 

And, no, I don’t think any of the major parties are taking millennials seriously or reaching out to them as much as they should. 

Speaking of radio hosts, Charleston Mayor and 580 WCHS radio host, Danny Jones, has it right when he says elected leaders need to govern for younger people, not older people. 

Breaking News: Mike Queen just informed me that the podcast of today's show can be heard at WAJR.com. It's show #458.

Joseph Higginbotham has written hundreds of articles and columns for dozens of magazines, journals and newspapers and has appeared as a guest on such talk radio shows as Tri-State Talk with Mayor Bobby Nelson, The Mike Queen Show, The Jack Pattie Show, The Sue Wiley Show, The Eddie Cooper Show and others.
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