16 February, 2010

Tell Your Elected Leaders You Want The Proposed South Charleston Tech Park

Higginbotham At Large is not young enough or cool enough to belong to Generation Charleston but I attended their Monday night public forum about the proposed “Tech Park”.

Let me cut to the chase: I agree with Senator Brooks McCabe, Charleston Area Alliance, Matric CEO, Keith Pauley and others that the state of West Virginia should accept The Dow Chemical Company offer of 258 acres of land and facilities and turn it into a commercialization / pilot plant facility where inventors and developers from all over the region can bring their inventions from pure research stage to the ready-for-market stage.

Getting this Tech Park project done is a perfect example of the kind of thing government should be doing for its citizens.

Thanks to Matt Ballard at Charleston Area Alliance, I am able to post a list of elected officials and their contact info below. Make some calls and write some emails and tell your elected leaders that you don’t want this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be squandered. Tell them that many of the brilliant minds who worked at the old Carbide / Dow facility back in its salad days are still here in the Kanawha Valley and many of them are ready to help. Tell them that there are already 300 jobs at the proposed tech park and experts think there could be as many as 2500 jobs with an average salary in 6 figures at this park in just a few years.

Phone Number

Email Address


Governor Joe Manchin, III

(304) 558-2000


Kanawha County Delegation

Senator Dan Foster

(304) 357-7866


Senator Brooks McCabe

(304) 357-7990


Senator Corey Palumbo

(304) 357-7854


Senator Eric Wells

(304) 340-3287



Delegate Tim Armstead

(304) 340-3240


Delegate Bonnie Brown

(304) 340-3106


Delegate Nancy Peoples Guthrie

(304) 340-3156


Delegate Barbara Hatfield

(304) 340-3140


Delegate Marl Hunt

(304) 340-3392


Delegate Patrick Lane

(304) 340-3275

Delegate Mesha Poore

(304) 340-3248


Delegate Doug Skaff

(304) 340-3362


Delegate Sharon Spencer

(304) 340-3218


Delegate Ron Walters

(304) 340-3194


Delegate Danny Wells

(304) 340-3287


Commissioner - Kent Carper

(304) 357-0101


Commissioner - David Hardy

(304) 720-4248


Commissioner - Henry Shores

(304) 357-0101


Charleston Mayor - Mayor Danny Jones

(304) 348-8000


South Charleston - Mayor Frank Mullens

(304) 744-5301

Senator Robert C. Byrd

Senator Jay Rockefeller

(304) 347-5372

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito

(304) 925-5964

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