20 March, 2010

Calling All "Older Worker" Advocates: Join Our Committee

In response to my 19 February blog entry, “How AARP Lost Me” I got a call from Shereen Remez, Executive Vice President for Member Value at AARP headquarters in Washington DC who arranged for me to meet with Gaylene Miller, West Virginia’s new AARP state director. I told Gaylene that AARP is doing a dreadful job of making itself relevant and useful to me and my 50-something friends and that AARP can do much more to help so-called “older workers” in their 50s and 60s who are the first to be fired and the last to be hired by corporate America. Gaylene agreed.

Gaylene and I are forming a committee which will plan a statewide initiative to find employers who want to hire these older workers and help these older workers learn how to get a job. If you have a passion for keeping 50- and 60-something workers employed and productive and you have some expertise in the employment arena, please contact Gaylene Miller at the state AARP office or contact me, Joseph Higginbotham, at (304) 550-6710.

You don’t need to belong to AARP to be part of this planning committee.

If you are a member of ISA – The International Society of Automation – you can hear me speak on job seeking at the March 23 symposium on the campus of WVSU.

Attendees will learn how headhunters find and evaluate talent, what your online presence – or lack of one – says about you, how to get “co-signers” for your job candidacy, why the candidate with the best resume is no match for the candidate with the best connections and how to get those connections and much more.

Go to http://www.isa.org/~charl/c_isaproductshow.html for details and registration.

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