02 March, 2010

Joseph Higginbotham Speaks At The 2010 Charleston ISA Training Symposium, West Virginia State U. March 23

Joseph Higginbotham will speak at 9AM on the topic “Using Social Media To Promote Your Cause, Your Career Or Your Business” at the 2010 Charleston International Society of Automation Training Symposium & Show, West Virginia State University 103 Wilson University Union Institute, WV, Tuesday, March 23, 2010.

Learn how headhunters use LinkedIn and search engines to find and evaluate talent. Learn how to use Twitter and blogs and LinkedIn to build your online brand.

Higginbotham will present material that SMPS.org (Society for Marketing Professional Services) called "outstanding business development advice" as well as material endorsed and recommended by College Career Counselor.

Learn how employers and headhunters interpret the signals sent by your online presence (or lack of one) and how you must use Linkedin and other social media to send signals that are consistent with your career goals.

Job seekers and career changers will learn how to tap the "hidden" or unadvertised job market that represents 90% or more of all job openings. In addition, job seekers will learn how headhunters and recruiters use LinkedIn, blogs, Twitter and Google to find and evaluate candidates and how to use that knowledge to build an online presence that attracts and impresses them.

Leaders of non-profits, professional associations and civic groups will learn how to use social media to turn all members into membership evangelists.

Self-employed and small business owners in trust-sensitive and relationship-based industries will learn how to use social media to establish relationships that lead organically and naturally to leads and referrals.

If your Charleston area club, civic group, social services organization, college, company, professional association or other group needs a speaker, call Higginbotham At Large at (304) 550-6710 and ask if your group or event qualifies for FREE workshop or speaking services.

To register for the ISA symposium visit http://www.isa.org/~charl/c_isaproductshow.html

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