13 January, 2012

Joseph Higginbotham Appointed To West Virginia Region 3 Workforce Investment Board

On 5 January 2012 I was appointed to a 3-year term on West Virginia's Region 3 Workforce Investment Board so in days to come look for updates about WIB meetings, workforce development news and, of course, commentary and opinion about what West Virginia can and should do to attract more investment and equip West Virginians for 21st century jobs.

As my regular readers know, I frequently write about job search strategy but now that I'm on the WIB, I'll have more to say about what West Virginia must do to increase the supply of jobs. And I invite readers to weigh in - especially readers who are involved in any way with hiring and recruiting. I want to hear from small business owners, department heads and human resources professionals. Employers open offices and plants where the skilled labor is. What can West Virginia do to equip its workers with the skills that attract investment?

In addition, I'll be reaching out to people engaged in the kind of activity that might make West Virginia a labor market of choice. This includes (but is not limited to) STEM educators and those who work for a richer culture and a more diverse labor pool.

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