19 January, 2012

Why Won't WVPBS Meet With Me?

If you've been feeling lately that WVPBS stands for West Virginia Parochial Broadcasting System, then you've seen the same gospel preaching and gospel singing shows I've seen and wondered why WVPBS is promoting a religion. Every time I see gospel sings, "intelligent design" shows and shows in which a preacher asserts that "God jammed the cross into the machinery of sin and separation from God" or "the resurrection of Jesus conquered death" I wonder why my tax money is being used to support and promote the Christian religion.

Does WVPBS plan to air atheist singing shows or Muslim singing shows? Does WVPBS plan to let Hindus or Buddhists preach on their channels?

I've been trying for some time now to get someone at WVPBS to meet with me so I can discuss these programming issues with someone in charge but, as of this writing, my emails and voice mails to Dennis Adkins, Marilyn DiVita and various board members have gone unanswered and unacknowledged. 

Only Program Director, Craig Lanham, bothered to phone me. I give him kudos for that but I'm pretty sure I heard him snort when I mentioned "separation of church and state". Then  he started using words like "conservative" and "liberal" - words I didn't use. I didn't come away from that phone call with a feeling that WVPBS understands my concerns so I'm still seeking a meeting.

If any of my readers have influence at WVPBS, please show them this post and help me get a meeting with someone who will listen to my concerns. Maybe we can go together. We can call the meeting "Occupy WVPBS".

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