07 June, 2012

Nobody Would Ever Guess That WV Public Broadcasting Is Governed By An "Educational Broadcasting Authority"

Perhaps West Virginia Public Broadcasting's executive director, Dennis Adkins, could solve  WVPBS' financial problems - reported by Phil Kabler in the 7 June Charleston Gazette - if he spent less time finding ways to alienate the kind of people who comprise public broadcasting's natural constituency. 

With its Catholic preaching shows, shows that promote "intelligent design" (Journey Of The Universe) and its shows that feature dozens of fat,  semi-famous gospel singers sitting around singing and crying with each other, nobody would ever guess that West Virginia Public Broadcasting is governed by something called "The West Virginia Educational Broadcasting Authority".

Because I am old enough to remember when we actually called public TV "Educational Television", I'm probably not in Dennis Adkins' target demo, but I should be. People like me have a natural desire to support public broadcasting but can't bring ourselves to write a check when we turn on WVPBS and see some globetrotting Catholic preacher yammering about  how God "jammed the cross into the machinery of sin" and separation from God and how the resurrection of Jesus conquered death and so on.

When I go to the West Virginia Public Broadcasting's website and look at the makeup of the EBA board, I count at least 3 professional educators (Jorea Marple, Bruce Berry, Priscilla M. Haden). I hope these 3 professional educators will actually tune in to WVPBS some time and ask themselves if WVPBS makes them proud.

To be fair, WVPBS also airs some outstanding shows, but people like me who remember when separation of church and state was actually taught in 9th grade Civics, are offended when WVPBS, which receives some taxpayer support, airs preaching and gospel singing when it could be airing something educational.

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