27 June, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Blind Employment Ads Are Fishing Expeditions And You Shouldn't Bite

10. Blind ads are only seen by a small segment of the workforce, e.g., "active" job seekers.

9. Blind ads are not seen by "passive" job candidates, e.g., people who are currently working, are relatively happy in their current jobs, and aren't actively seeking new employment.

8. Smart job seekers won't answer blind ads since they can't know who is behind the ad and what that person may do with the information received from respondents.

7. This leaves stupid job seekers, therefore, the employer ends up with resumes from verifiably stupid people.

6. Top employers wouldn't knowingly hire stupid people.

5. Employers stupid enough to hire demonstrably stupid people are probably employers you wouldn't want to work for.

4. The smart employers who don't hire people stupid enough to answer blind ads know there are better ways to find great employees.

3. Smart employers know that using headhunters brings candidates who would never see an employment ad.

2. Smart employers who are proud of their brands know that running branded employment ads helps overall recruitment while running blind, unbranded ads does nothing to build the brand.

1. Smart employers have Linkedin accounts and know how to use Linkedin advanced search to generate lists of passive candidates by geography, by experience, by skills and by education.

For more on blind employment ads read my archived 17 Feb 2010 post.

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