23 August, 2012

No Strategy In Dennis Adkins' "Strategic Plan" For WVPBS

I didn't hear any strategy in the "strategic plan" Executive Director Dennis Adkins presented to the Educational Broadcasting Authority - his bosses - at their Wednesday 22 August meeting. I attended that meeting in hope that I might hear Adkins' strategy for bringing WVPBS into alignment with its stated mission and its stated vision or even a strategy about how to re-engage individual donors who have stopped giving to WVPBS because there is apparently no one at WVPBS who has dusted off and read the mission and vision statements lately.

Higginbotham At Large will be mailing copies of their mission and vision statements to some of the members of the Educational Broadcasting Authority which has oversight of WVPBS. 

See those mission and vision statements below.

"MISSION: West Virginia Public Broadcasting satisfies the human need to learn. Our programs nurture personal growth and civic responsibility, respect people's intelligence, and promote life-long discovery." - from the West Virginia Public Broadcasting website. (http://www.wvpubcast.org/about.aspx)

"VISION: West Virginia Public Broadcasting, through our unique programs and services, will empower people to broaden their perspectives, appreciate their history and become active in their communities. Using the power of public service media, we will create more informed, more educated, more motivated, and more prosperous citizens who will build a better West Virginia for our children and grandchildren." - from the West Virginia Public Broadcasting website. (http://www.wvpubcast.org/about.aspx)

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