18 August, 2012

St. Albans Public Library May Become The First Solar-Powered Library In West Virginia

The St. Albans Public Library may very well become the first solar-powered library in West Virginia and the first West Virginia library with a solar-powered charging station for electric cars. According to David Koontz of the St. Albans Public Library Advisory Board, the project is already funded thanks to a donation from the late James Delforge. In other words, no taxpayer funds would be used for this project. 

I learned of the proposed project when the Kanawha County Public Library Board held its 13 August meeting at the St. Albans branch where MTVSolar's Colin Williams and Lisa Mitchell made a presentation about the proposed project to install enough solar panels on the roof of the St. Albans Public Library to supply the electrical needs of the library with enough power left over to recharge electric cars.

For more information about solar power, visit www.mtvsolar.com.

For more information about the Kanawha County Public LIbrary system visit www.www.kanawhalibrary.org.
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