03 October, 2012

Saint Albans Ward 4 Neighborhood Crime Watch Meets The First Tuesday of Each Month, 6:30PM, Crossings Church, 2031 Harrison Ave.

St. Albans Ward 4 city council member, Cheryl Thomas, asked me to help publicize Ward 4's neighborhood crime watch. The information I'm providing here is not on the City Website - even though it should be - so please save it for future reference.

Ward 4 Neighborhood Crime Watch meets on the first Tuesday of each month, 6:30PM, at Crossings Church, 2031 Harrison Ave.

The Ward 4 Neighborhood  Watch Coordinator is Brian Kloosterman, (304)881-2270. Brian's email address is promariner65@yahoo.com.

Ward 4's city council member is Cheryl Thomas. Cheryl's phone number is (304) 727-8429. Cheryl's email address is Cheryl.Thomas25177@yahoo.com.

The police contact for Ward 4 is Officer Kenny Davis. Officer Davis' phone number is (304) 543-7257.
Officer Davis' email address is kdavis@saintalbanspolice.com.

Ward 4 residents with internet access are strongly encouraged to join the Saint Albans Neighborhood Crime Watch on Facebook.

Ward 4 also has its own group on NextDoor.com. When you register for your NextDoor.com account and the website has verified your address, you will automatically be added to the Ward 4 group.

If you see a crime taking place, dial 911.

If you have information about suspicious activity in your neighborhood report it to the SAPD at (304) 727-2251.

The next meeting of the Saint Albans Ward 4 Neighborhood Crime Watch is Tuesday 6 November, 2012, 6:30PM at Crossings Church, 2031 Harrison Ave, across from Alban Elementary School.

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