02 October, 2012

St. Albans Peoples Party In Need Of A Ward 2 Council Rep For The Second Time In Under 2 Years

A few weeks ago St. Albans City Councilman, JD Adkins resigned from his Ward 2 seat because he has moved out of his ward. It was less than 2 years ago when Ward 2 lost their previous council rep, Xris Hess, for the same reason. Hess and Adkins were members of the St. Albans Peoples Party so at last night's (1 October 2012) council meeting Mayor Dick Callaway asked the St. Albans Peoples Party to submit three candidates for the empty seat. City Council will then vote to install one of those three candidates to fill Adkins' unexpired term.

After a September council meeting Adkins told me "some people don't like change". I was dying to know what he meant but he seemed in a hurry to get to his car so I didn't press him. Here's what's interesting about that parting remark: Adkins doesn't know me from Adam. When he made his comment about some people not liking change, he had no idea to whom he was saying it which gave me the impression he has something on his mind that he'd like to talk about. Perhaps he read my 12 April 2011 post in which I called St. Albans a city a "Callagarchy" where apathy is always on the ballot. 

 Perhaps the reporter who covers St. Albans City Council for the Charleston Gazette, Kristin Ledford, will try to get him on the record. 

In other St. Albans City Council news, there will be a public hearing at 7:15 October 15 at which stakeholders can comment on the management-led buyout of Suddenlink and how this sale might affect St. Albans' Suddenlink TV, internet and phone customers.

I have a comment: Since the West Virginia Public Service Commission does not have oversight of cable TV providers, the City of St. Albans and other affected cities should insist that Suddenlink seat a community action panel where Suddenlink customers can interact on a regular basis with Suddenlink management.

Here is the link to my 12 April 2011 post:: http://higginbothamatlarge.blogspot.com/2011/04/new-words-for-old-problems-in-st-albans.html
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