03 December, 2012

Selling My Late Father's Rare B300 Guitorgan

The marketing of my late father's Musiconics B300 Guitorgan begins in earnest tomorrow.

If you have to ask what a Guitorgan is or if you want to see a picture, you aren't one of the smitten who have always wanted one of these rare beasts.

The story is, a Waco, TX company bought a supply of Gibson ES335 knockoffs and wired them to be played as either a straight guitar or as an organ.

My dad's Guitorgan was a source of great conflict in the Higginbotham home. I was a teenager when dad drove somewhere in Ohio to buy the guitar-organ hybrid. To hear mom tell it - and she told it often - dad practically took food right our of our mouths and clothes right off our backs to pay for the Guitorgan.

My mother had no idea how lucky she was that my dad wasn't the typical guitar player. Guitarists often do spend way too much money on guitars. My dad was never that way. I think I can count on one hand the guitars my dad had during my lifetime. For years he carried a double-necked Carvin to his gigs. Then he sold it and bought a Fender Telecaster.

My dad was a semi-professional, working guitarist but he seldom had more than one guitar at a time. When dad got too old to play anymore he had one banjo, one mandolin, one guitar amp, one 1965 Gibson Heritage acoustic guitar and the Guitorgan.

I kept the 1965 Gibson Heritage. Roger Morillo fixed the broken bridge and now it's a sweet little guitar.

Buying the Guitorgan was one of my dad's few "wild hair" moments.

Anyway, it's for sale and I've already  had inquiries from as far away as British Columbia so there are other guitarists out there who have always wanted a Guitorgan.

If you are one of the smitten, call me at 304 550 6710 or email me at JosephHigginbotham@gmail.com and I'll put you in touch with the sales agent, Joe Dobbs at Fret N Fiddle. Or you can call Joe Dobbs when his store re-opens tomorrow.

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