13 December, 2012

Photo Of Emery Higginbotham's Musiconics B300 Guitorgan - For Sale

OK, for those of you asking to see my late father's Guitorgan, here it is. Looks like a Gibson ES-335 with lots of extra organ controls on it. As far as I know, it's in perfect working order because it just came out of the shop where a technician did some work on it. As I understand it, the Musiconics company only made about 3,000 of these things so they're rare.

My internet research tells me Guitorgans are popular with Gospel musicians, "one-man band" acts and with practitioners of the heavier, darker types of rock music.

Play it, ask questions about it and buy it at Fret-N-Fiddle in St. Albans. Fret-N-Fiddle owner, Joe Dobbs, was a friend of my late father's and has sold a lot of my dad's musical stuff so it seemed fitting that Dobbs should sell his Guitorgan for me. Give Joe a call at (304) 722-5212. Tell 'em Joseph Higginbotham sent ya.

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