09 January, 2013

St. Albans' Peoples' Party Abdicates Its Responsibility To St. Albans' Ward 2

The St. Albans Peoples' Party has , once again, demonstrated why my April 12 2011 post called St. Albans an "apathariat" - a people whose government's existence depends on the apathy of the citizenry. In yesterday's Charleston Gazette, Kristin Ledford reports why Ward 2 still doesn't have a city council rep 4 months after the resignation of J. D. Adkins. According to Ledford, a representative of the Peoples' Party called the city recorder and said the party did not want the responsibility of finding a new city council person to fill Adkins' unexpired term. 

Council selected Former Ward 2 councilman, J.D. Adkins, after Xrisanthi C. Hess abruptly resigned from Council and left the ward meaning that twice in a 4-year period Ward 2 is without a city council person to represent them.

It's worth mentioning here that, so great was Ward 2's apathy about their ward's last council race that Xrisanthi C. Hess ran unopposed and won her council seat with a whopping vote total of 4. 

Last night a city council member told me the open council seat will be advertised. I'm not sure what that means but I hope it means that Ward 2 will soon have a contested council race between candidates who will stay in the ward for a while.

And I hope Ward 2's next council person will be 20-something or 30-something. 

For more on St. Albans' shameful apathy, go to my blog archives and see posts from 10/2/12, 4/19/11 and 4/12/11.


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