19 April, 2013

Would Jesus Condone The Kind Of Theft Committed At George Washington High?

Unless George Washington High's Principal, George Aulenbacher, the folks at the Kanawha County School board and the folks at Believe In West Virginia are prepared to argue that Jesus would condone the kind of theft that builds a high school with tax money from both Christians and non-Christians and then uses that public high school to privately promote a certain brand of Christianity, they all need to repent.

And perhaps they wouldn't think Pam Stenzel's "abstinence only" speech was such a good idea if they were familiar with the research of George Barna and others who have found that Christian teens have unprotected sex, get preggers out of wedlock and contract STDs at roughly the same rate as non-Christian teens - something all teens and former teens already knew without reading a study.

Apparently, Kanawha County Schools learned nothing about violations of separation of church and state from the 2002 case in which Tyler Deveny forced Kanawha County Schools to rescind its graduation prayer policy. If you are a Kanawha County tax payer and you don't want public high schools turned into private platforms for the promotion of one brand of Christianity, send a letter to the addresses below:

Kanawha County Schools
200 Elizabeth Street
Charleston, WV  25311

phone: 304.348.7770

George Washington High School
1522 Tennis Club Road 
Charleston, WV, 25314
Phone: (304)-348-7729
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