01 May, 2013

St. Albans, WV, Ward 4 Neighborhood Watch Meeting Tuesday May 7


From: Joseph Higginbotham, Ward 4 Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

The May Meeting Of The St. Albans, WV, Ward 4 Neighborhood Watch Is Tuesday May 7 At The Crossings Church, 2031 Harrison Ave.

This is not a church service. This is a non-sectarian public meeting where people of all faiths (or no faith) gather to learn how to keep Ward 4 safer.

Your St. Albans Police will be there. Your city council woman will be there. Your neighbors will be there. 

Will you be there?

Mark it on your calendar before you forget.

For more information contact Ward 4 Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Joseph Higginbotham, at (304) 550-6710.

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