01 October, 2013

Starting Neighborhood Watch With The End In Mind

In The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey said "Start with the end in mind." I thought everybody already did that anyway but apparently they don't so he had to write a book about it.

What is the "end" or the desired outcome we seek when we start a Neighborhood Watch? Is it to get people to come to meetings? No, getting people to meetings is a means to an end.

Is it to get people's contact info so we can communicate with them? No, that's a means to an end, too.

Some police may say the end of Neighborhood Watch is better PR for the police department - better communication between police and citizens. No, these are positive side effects but they aren't the end.

The end or desired effect of Neighborhood Watch is to make neighborhoods safer through better cooperation and communication between citizens and police. We bring police and citizens together to give citizens better observation skills, a heightened awareness of their surroundings and an informed feeling of empowerment to make their neighborhoods safer by working closely with the police and with each other.

Meetings help citizens learn how to spot criminal activity and what they can do about it. Meetings give people a sense of trust and partnership with their local police. Meetings give people a desire to watch their neighbors' backs and to know that those same neighbors have theirs.

If you're in St. Albans, come out to the Crossing Church today at 6:30PM. Meet your neighbors. Meet your police. Listen to Magistrate Mike Sisson and then have Q and A with him after he speaks.

And if you live in the city limits of St. Albans, WV, join "Public Group For St. Albans WV Neighborhood Watch." 

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