25 October, 2013

WV Legislators: Give Us An Animal Abusers Registry

Like sex offenders, animal abusers tend to repeat their crimes so several state legislatures are considering bills that would create animal abusers registries similar to the sex offenders registries we're all familiar with.

In June the New York State Senate passed an animal abuse registry bill called "Ball's Bill". In April Michigan state Reps. Paul Muxlox and Harvey Santana introduced a bill that would create a sex offender-type registry for anyone convicted of animal abuse. Arizona, Maryland, Florida, New York, and Colorado have pending legislation.

Suffolk county New York passed an animal abusers registry law in 2012.

Google the words "animal abuse registry" and you'll find elected officials across North America who are proposing laws similar to the Suffolk County law. 

Every day we hear news stories about people who are being arrested for the second or third time for starving animals  or dowsing them in gasoline and burning them alive. People who have been convicted of such crimes should never be allowed to get near animals again because, like sex offenders, animal abusers seldom rehabilitate or reform.

Legislators, give us a law that requires animal abusers to register and requires animal shelters and pet stores to consult the registry before selling or placing an animal. Give us a law that provides stiff penalties to convicted animal abusers caught keeping animals on their property. Give us a law that enables concerned neighbors to report illegal animal ownership to local law enforcement agencies and allows local law enforcement to rescue the animals and arrest the offenders.
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