22 April, 2014

13th Circuit Judges: A Roomful of Witnesses Heard A City Department Head Say He Can Put Drug Dealers To Work For The City So Why Won't You Let Him?

Recently, in a roomful of witnesses, I asked a  St. Albans department head this question: " If 13th Circuit judges sentenced convicted drug dealers to perform supervised, court-ordered work for you, could you supervise them and put them to meaningful work?" 

He said he could. He was very specific about what they could do. Good honest work that would prevent the city from being fined by a federal agency.

This is an example of "creative sentencing" and it would enable convicted drug dealers to actually do something more constructive than sitting around their houses wearing GPS ankle monitors calling their customers on the phone and telling them, "Hey man, I can't leave the house. You have to come here to get your cocaine, your meth, your heroin and your Opana."

I've extended this invitation to 13th Circuit judges before and I extend it here again: Pick out a First Tuesday of any month. Come talk to my neighborhood watch group. We meet at 6:30PM  at Crossing Church , 2031 Harrison Ave., St. Albans. Come tell us why we should vote for judges who won't get the drug dealers out of our neighborhood when they have the chance. We understand that the prisons are full. We understand there's no room for non-violent offenders. But we also understand that drug dealers and drugs are responsible for most of the crimes in our town. Come speak to us and tell us why we should re-elect judges who won't protect us. 


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