03 April, 2014

Judges Who Won't Punish Drug Dealers : An Investment Opportunity And A Creative Sentencing Idea

Oh my, Twitter is all abuzz with news of some recent drug busts in our area. Drug busts and perp walks make good TV but reporters know that most of these drug dealers will be out on the streets again in less time than it takes to call your stock broker and invest in companies that make GPS ankle monitors. That's the silver lining, by the way; there's money to be made in ankle monitor stocks. Does Jim Cramer know about this? Perhaps if The Graduate were filmed today Mr. McGuire would tell young Ben that his future is in "GPS ankle monitors", not plastics.

At my April neighborhood watch meeting I floated this idea: Why not put drug dealers to work helping cities avoid EPA fines? For those of you who don't know yet, cities now face stiff fines if they allow debris to get into their storm water and wash into waterways so cities are now imposing fines on citizens who don't clean up their grass clippings and such. So why not put drug dealers to work cleaning the streets and doing other things to help cities with their unfunded mandates?

And if our "catch and release" judges don't like my supervised community service suggestion I am happy to hear theirs. 

Folks, ask any police officer and you'll find out that most of our crimes - break-ins, home invasions, even murders - are drug related so why aren't Kanawha County's judges using their awesome power to get drug dealers off the streets and to send a clear signal to drug dealers that if they get convicted of dealing drugs here in Kanawha  County, they'll get punishment, not ankle monitors.

And here's a word to the citizens who elected these 13th circuit judges who keep releasing drug dealers back to our neighborhoods: you elected them, you can un-elect them. Why not write a 13th circuit judge a letter and tell him/her you will hold judges accountable when they release drug dealers after the police have risked their lives arresting them.

If you live in Kanawha County and you'd like to write a judge, here's the info you need:

Kanawha County Judicial Building
P.O. Box 2351
111 Court Street
Charleston, WV 25301
Fax: 304-357-0473
Here are the judges:
Judge Jennifer F. Bailey
Judge Louis H. “Duke" Bloom
Judge Tod J. Kaufman
Judge Charles E. King
Judge Paul Zakaib, Jr.
Judge Carrie L. Webster
Judge James C. Stucky
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