12 June, 2014

Open Letter To US Attorney R Booth Goodwin: Use Timothy Basham Case To Teach Detroit A Lesson In Risk and Reward

US Attorney R Booth Goodwin:

The day after we learned that Detroit drug dealers had ordered a hit on him, Lt. Steve Cooper of the Charleston Police Department appeared on Hoppy Kercheval's radio show where he cited two reasons Detroit drug dealers are selling drugs in WV: 1. they can get a higher price for their drugs here and 2.  they can easily obtain guns here. 

While I commend Lt. Cooper for admitting that it's easy for criminals to get guns in WV, I'm wondering why Cooper didn't mention a third reason Detroit's drug dealers are making West Virginia a Detroit suburb: low risk of prosecution. 

The same people who don't want to admit that we have Detroit drug dealers here, in part, because it's easy for criminals to get guns here are also saying that because you are an Obama appointee you are "soft" on drug crime. 

Prove them wrong.

You've been asked to take the Timothy Dwayne Basham felony drug case. Take it and prosecute Basham to the fullest extent of the law. And take every felony drug case you can and prosecute drug dealers to the fullest. Send Detroit a message that it's risky to their criminal careers to sell drugs in West Virginia. 

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