21 September, 2014

Delegate JB McCuskey and Coucilwoman Cheryl Thomas On "Drug Tour" Of St. Albans Monday 21 October

St. Albans City Councilwoman, Cheryl Thomas, and 35th District House Member, John B McCuskey To Tour St. Albans Police Department And Talk About Drugs  Monday 22 October

Councilwoman Cheryl Thomas is on a mission to find the money to get the St. Albans Police Department a new PD headquarters. They currently share a cramped and even dangerous space with the Fire Department.

In a Friday meeting of the Citywide Neighborhood Watch Advisory Board, Chief Michael Matthews and Captain James Agee told neighborhood watch leaders they don't even have a safe place to detain suspects or a private place to interrogate suspects. 

And the evidence room is too small. 

Councilwoman Thomas wants to show Delegate JB McCuskey exactly why the current situatation is dangerous and she'll tell anyone who controls some purse strings that St. Albans needs a bigger police headquarters and a bigger police force. 

Editorial note from Joseph Higginbotham: A recent survey of Kanawha County elected leaders, faith groups, community groups and healthcare  professionals names illegal drugs as the number one problem facing Kanawha County. When will our government spending reflect that belief? When will our elected leaders put tax money where their stated priorities are and turn back the growing illegal drug problem?

And while I'm glad that Judge Carrie Webster recently "threw the book" at a rapist she called a "terrorist", when will judges realize that drug dealers are terrorists?

Two high-level  law enforcement officials told me privately that nearly all the crimes they investigate soon turn into drug cases because protecting drug activity and funding drug habits are at the root of so many other crimes such as robbery, home invasion, assault, murder and burglary. 

We say drugs are the biggest problem we face. When will city, county and state budgets put our money where our mouth is?


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