13 September, 2014

What's Next, St. Albans? Seeks 20-Somethings and 30-Somethings

Attention 20- and 30-somethings: When you hear or see What's Next, WV? ads or news coverage stand up and say "I am. I'm What's Next."

When you hear about What's Next, St. Albans? stand up and say "You can't hold your October public meeting without The Future's participation. I am The Future."

If you are a young adult and you plan to start a career or a business or a family in St. Albans, WV, join us on Linkedin and Facebook and tell us that you are the future of St. Albans and you will not be left out.


What's Next, St. Albans? on Facebook


What's Next, St. Albans? (on Linkedin)


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