07 November, 2014

It's Official: St. Albans Has Only One Political Party Now

"St. Albans Peoples Party In Need of People" screamed the April 8 2009 story by WSAZ's Kallie Cart. 

There is still no Peoples Party in St. Albans. 

The last person I knew of who was the leader of the Peoples Party was Twila Harris. So I got in touch with  her and she told me there was no Peoples Party and that she no longer lives in St. Albans.

So I went to City Hall to find out why. I got my answer when City Clerk, Barb Hughes (some of you know her as Barb Cunningham), gave me a copy of the Peoples Party Bylaws: There's work involved in maintaining the existence of a party with authority to get candidates on the ballot. 

And since the People Party officially doesn't exist at all right now, getting some candidates on the ballot in 2017 is no longer a matter of maintenance, it's a matter of literally building a party from the ground up. 

Here are a few of the requirements for building the non-existent Peoples Party:

1. Certify an executive committee comprised of at least two representatives from each ward. No member of the executive committee can be an office holder. All members of the executive committee must live in the city limits of St. Albans and be eligible, registered voters. 
2. Part officers must be elected.
3. The Party must meet at least twice each year.
4. The party must select poll workers. 

Other requirements include the posting of official notices in every precinct of the city, the posting of notices in a newspaper, and more. 

Man, this is all a lot of work for a city infamous for its apathy.

Since there is no Peoples Party executive committee and since there are no Peoples Party meetings, notices, ward representatives or poll workers there is no Peoples Party and there won't be until and unless some people do some work. 

I'm willing. Who's with me? 

Email me at JosephHigginbotham@gmail.com and I'll send you a copy of the Peoples Party Bylaws. Or, you can get it at city hall from Barb Hughes. Or you can stay on the couch while most of St. Albans' city council members run unopposed again in 2017. 

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