09 November, 2014

Why I Quit And Why You Will Thank Me Later

My most reliable critic, Naydeen Wolf, called me a "quitter" when I resigned from my various neighborhood watch roles, but that's OK partly because I expected nothing  less than that from somebody who seldom misses a chance to criticize me and partly because it's my fault for not telling my neighborhood watch associates what I plan to do in place of neighborhood watch. You see, I haven't quit at all. No. I'm just getting started and I plan to give Naydeen plenty of reasons to keep criticizing me.

So, to those of you who have been asking why I left neighborhood watch, here it is:

My departure has nothing to do with neighborhood watch. 

I left neighborhood watch because I plan to do some things that could harm or polarize the neighborhood watch program due to my strong identification with it. 

One thing I plan to do is to work behind the scenes to bring back the old, now-defunct Peoples Party so that St. Albans will have a 2-party system again and so that in 2017 all city council members will face a challenge instead of running unopposed as 6 of them did in 2013.

St. Albans won't get better city government until we get better candidates.

No, I will not be a candidate for elected office. I am willing to serve as one of the ward 4 Peoples Party representatives if the resurrected party asks me to do so but I'll be in my 60s in 2017 and I have consistently said that what this city needs is more young adults in office because the young adults still have skin in the game and reasons to care about the future of the town. 

And what some of you may not have noticed is that the 2017 race has really already begun. People whose names you never heard until a few months ago are everywhere now, attending every public gathering and telling all attendees what they want to hear. One unannounced candidate for mayor has already demonstrated the lack of integrity and character to be a ruthless politician and I'm afraid I'm going to have a lot more to say about that. If I do, I can't be your neighborhood watch coordinator or a member of the neighborhood watch advisory board when I say it. You can thank me later. 

I will continue to write letters and send emails to politicians, judges and prosecutors and ask them when they are going to start behaving as if illegal drugs and drug dealers are the serious problem they all say.  

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