15 February, 2015

Why Every Concerned Citizen Should Blog

James Craig Brannon asked me if I have any specific plans or a lofty vision for the 24,000 member Blog Zone group I own on the Linkedin platform. James Craig Brannon, this post is for you.

From the first time our parents give us a whipping before they even hear our side of why the school principal called them to the time we thirst for the blood of brown people because a president told us to, we are taught and conditioned to obey and believe authority figures and to never doubt them.

We are taught to honor our father and our mother but we are not told what to do if our father rapes us or our mother sells us to boyfriends in exchange for drugs.

We are taught that network TV reporters wouldn’t be paid $millions if they weren’t telling us the truth.

We are taught that if there were anything dangerous in those big tanks on the river bank that the owners of those tanks wouldn’t have put them that close to the water intake and the state would have inspected those tanks and their contents frequently.

We are taught that a big publicly-traded company like Monsanto wouldn’t risk its treasure, its stock price, its reputation and its employee’s health by polluting a town with dioxin and that, even if they did, those Monsanto paychecks make it worth the risk.

Pre-internet, if a citizen awakened from The Matrix to discover that he was but a power source for the very machinery that keeps him enslaved and deluded in a soup of delusion and blissful ignorance, he couldn’t broadcast the truth unless he found somebody with a printing press and a newsroom or a transmitter who is able to see the tubing and risk his career and maybe his life helping others to see the tubing.

But in the internet age, anyone capable of questioning authority and acknowledging the truth can disconnect their neighbors from The Matrix.

In yesterday’s blog post, J.Craig Brannon, I told you the true story of how a blogger prevented a powerful state bureaucrat from unilaterally and secretly creating laws.

Just as somebody knew that a bureaucrat tried to be a one-man legislature, somebody knew what Monsanto and Freedom Industries were doing to The Kanawha Valley. Somebody knows when reporters and presidents lie to us. Somebody knows when parents don’t deserve honor or children and that no God worthy of worship would say otherwise.

What if those somebodies blogged, emailed, tweeted and disseminated by all available means what they know? The powerful abusers of their authority fear this – which is why we should do it.

Many of the 24,000 bloggers in The Blog Zone group want nothing more than to sell cookies or SEO services or cosmetics. That’s OK, but I hope some of them will question authority and, perhaps, find out what’s in those big tanks on the river where our drinking water comes from and then blog about it.

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