15 May, 2015

Breaking News: Local TV Station ALMOST Reports On The Sentence Judge Carrie Webster Gave Timothy Basham

Until she read the email I sent to local media after I published Wednesday's post about Timothy Basham's sentencing on drug charges, the TV reporter who called me didn't know Basham had been convicted. Ahem, I renew my insistence that the 13th circuit judges - who have to win re-election if they wish to remain on the 13th circuit - need to hire a PR person. 

The reporter said her station wanted to get a story ready for the 5PM news and asked me if I could give her 5 minutes of my time for an on-camera interview. I told her I was at work and couldn't meet her on such short notice. She offered to come to my office. I countered by referring her to St. Albans city councilwoman, Cheryl Thomas and SAPD's media guy, Captain James Agee. 

If the 13th circuit had a media person I would have happily sent the reporter to the courthouse. 

There was nothing about Basham's sentencing in their 5PM and 6PM news. 

On a personal note, a reporter from this same station used to call me at 4AM and ask me to meet her for on-camera interviews about neighborhood watch at 7. I always agreed because my neighborhood watch was young and I was willing to go almost anywhere at almost any time to get some free media for the group. I've met reporters at the police station, at Roadside Park and in several St. Albans neighborhoods. 

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