13 May, 2015

Timothy Basham Sentenced to 1 - 5 years in South Central Regional Jail

13th Circuit Judge, Carrie Webster, has sentenced St. Albans' most notorious Opana dealer, Timothy Basham,  to 1 - 5 years in South Central Regional Jail. 

Basham will get credit for the 279 days he already served awaiting trial and conviction.

Members of the media may remember that Basham slipped through  the court's fingers on a previous drug charge when the Kanawha County Prosecutor botched the case against him. 

The sentence was entered March 23 2015 on case 14-F-402. I want to, once again, thank Rhonda Cavender, Linda Allen and "Jenny" at the Kanawha Circuit Court for mailing and emailing copies of the sentence to me.

I want to thank St. Albans Police Chief, Mike Matthews, St. Albans Police Captain, James Agee, Lieutenant Marc Gilbert and other members of the SAPD for patiently and professionally gathering the evidence and building the case against Basham.

I want to thank Ward 4 councilwoman, Cheryl Thomas. It's no secret that city departments get things done when city council members want them done. The squeaky council member gets the law enforcement grease. The SAPD has no better ally on council than Cheryl Thomas who worked closely with the police who expertly built the case against Basham. Had Basham lived in a ward with a less involved council member, I think Basham would be selling Opana out of his father's garage right now. I feel lucky to live in a ward that is represented by Thomas. 

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