25 September, 2013

If There Were A Neighborhood Watch Catechism This Is What I Hope It Would Say

If there were a Neighborhood Watch Catechism this is what I hope it would say:

Q. What Is The Purpose of a Neighborhood Watch?
A. To make restore a sense of community and make neighborhoods safer by creating the conditions for better communication and cooperation between neighbors and law enforcement agencies.

Q. What is the purpose of Neighborhood Watch meetings?
A. To get stakeholders like police and neighbors into the same room where they can forge relationships, increase trust, open candid dialogue and empower Neighborhood Watch members a feeling of empowerment through heightened awareness of what they can do to deter crime and help police catch criminals.

Q. What is the first thing neighborhoods must do to create conditions that lead to reduced crime and that elusive, vanishing sense of community?
A. To identify their neighbors and use every means at their disposal to get them talking to each other, e.g., telephony, email, social media and face-to-face contact.

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