15 September, 2013

If You're Not Using Free Tools Like Twitter, Maybe You Aren't The Right Person To Lead a Neighborhood Watch

Stop using the "I'm not a techy" excuse.

You may not understand why people are using great new communication tools like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, blogs, et al, but just because you don't understand them is no excuse not to use them.

If you're old enough to remember your first phone, your first cell phone, your first email account, your first fax machine or any other first of its kind communication device, here's what you need to know: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and blogs are the equivalent of those first phones but better because they are free. If you're already paying for internet you're already paying for Linkedin, blogs, Twitter and Facebook but not getting the benefit from them unless you stop saying "I'm not a techy".

You don't have to be a techy to use Twitter, Linkedin, blogs and Facebook. But if you aren't there, people who use these tools will think you are a knuckledragging cave man who doesn't take his Neighborhood Watch effort seriously enough to make it easy for people to get the info they need. Even if it's true, stop saying "I'm not a techy". Stop making excuses. These free tools are easy to learn and use and using them will help you build your Neighborhood Watch.

Yes, I know, somebody reading this post has no idea what Twitter does or how to use it. Somebody reading this post has never heard of Linkedin. That's OK, you didn't kow what you were going to do with email, either, but now you can't live without it.

What? You still don't use email? Then please step aside and help somebody else become your Neighborhood Watch leader - somebody who understands the necessity of constant communication and interaction between people who are trying to build something together. When, according to the Bible, God didn't like mankind building the Tower of Babel, how did God thwart that effort? Right, according to the Bible, God rendered the tower builder unable to communicate with each other. 

Communication and interaction are absolutely necessary to the start up and the management of your Neighborhood Watch. If you don't resonate with what I just said you are not the right person to lead a Neighborhood Watch. 

Get your free Twitter account, your free blog, your free Linkedin and your Free Facebook. Print up some business cards and put this info on your card. Carry your card everywhere and hand one to everybody you meet in your neighborhood. 

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