05 September, 2013

West Virginia Public Broadcasting: I'll Send A Check When Your Governing Board Reads Your Mission and Vision Statements

I'm rooting for Scott Finn, the new executive director at West Virginia Public Broadcasting, because, unlike his predecessor, he invites public comment on WVPubCasting's programming. Mr. Finn has been traveling the state listening to the Friends ( read "donors") of West Virginia Public Broadcasting. It's a start.

But Scott Finn must also listen to potential and former supporters of WV PubCasting, not just "Friends". 

And if WVPubCasting is to make a comeback, the EBA must pledge to actually read its stated mission and its stated vision - available on the WVPubCasting  website - and insist that programming reflect those stated values. I spoke to at least one board member who didn't know a "mission statement" and a "vision statement" existed. These statements are a little hard to find. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on "about us". 

And the EBA must pledge to actually watch public TV and listen to public radio so they can monitor Finn's progress at getting the programming aligned with the mission and vision. At least one EBA member admitted to me privately that he/she is not familiar with  WV PubCasting's programming.

I think it would be appropriate if EBA chairman, William H. File III, asked each and every board member to sign a pledge to read the mission/vision statement and to regularly consume public radio and public TV. 

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