04 May, 2014

Do Your Neighbors Have Your Back? Take This Simple Test To find Out

If your neighbor sees a stranger snooping in your back yard, trying to get into your house or stealing your property would that neighbor:

1. Do nothing?
2. Post the incident on Facebook and hope the cops see it? 
3. Call their city councilperson, their neighborhood watch coordinator or their block captain?
4. Scare the intruder off?
5. Dial 911?

If you answered 1,2, 3 or 4 your neighbor does not have your back. The correct action is number 5, dial 911. Responses 1-4 do not make you safer. 
Captain James Agee of the St. Albans Police Department will speak and answer your questions at the Tuesday May 6 meeting of the Ward 4 Neighborhood Watch, 6:30PM, Crossing Church, 2031 Harrison Avenue in St. Albans' 4th ward. 

If you live in the city limits of St. Albans and you support the goals and methods of neighborhood watch as a means of improving the city of St Albans, join "Public Group For St. Albans Neighborhood Watch" on Facebook at ::https://www.facebook.com/groups/PublicGroupForSt.AlbansNeighborhoodWatch/.

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