08 May, 2014

Why Neighborhood Watch Groups Must Now Watch The Good Guys As Well As The Bad Guys

If you read yesterday's post (see my archive) you know that Mark Plants' office botched a drug felony case for lack of a simple lab report and a management control that might have detected the absence of the needed lab report. 

Here's what I told my neighborhood watch group Tuesday night: I told them that our job is harder and more complex that I imagined because it's no longer enough to watch our neighbors' backs and dial 911 when we see bad guys, we now have to watch the "good guys", too, because the good guys don't have systems in place to make sure the drug dealers don't squirm off the hook when the police catch them.

I told my neighborhood watch group that we must start tracking cases by calling the 13th circuit court and asking status of cases. I told my group we must write letters to prosecutors and judges to remind them of the drug felons who are about to appear and how those drug felons are causing most of the crime in our neighborhoods and that we want them put out of business.

I told them that if the prisons are full judges should sentence drug felons either to 16 - hour days of useful community service or 16 hour days handcuffed to a chair in the police department. Why 16 hours? Just enough free time for sleep, not enough time to meet with their drug suppliers and customers.

If you live in the city limits of St. Albans and you support the goals and methods of neighborhood watch as a means of improving the city of St Albans, join "Public Group For St. Albans Neighborhood Watch" on Facebook at ::https://www.facebook.com/groups/PublicGroupForSt.AlbansNeighborhoodWatch/.

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