08 May, 2014

Today's Phone Call From Mark Plants

To his credit, Kanawha County Prosecutor, Mark Plants, has been very accessible and. I believe, fairly contrite - at least with me - since his office botched a Timothy Basham drug felony case. I say "a" Timothy Basham case because Basham still has another drug felony charge and another non-drug charge that Plants' office hasn't managed to screw up as far as I know. Plants called me today to say that he was putting one of his staff in charge of monitoring the case flow (my paraphrase) to keep him updated on case progress and to make sure his assistant prosecutors don't screw up future cases. 

After I talked to Plants I was interviewed by WOWK's Ariel Rothfield who asked me what this case meant to my neighborhood watch efforts. I don't know if this soundbite will get on the air but I told her this botched case means citizens need to start doing their own case tracking to make sure the thug who invaded their home or the drug dealer across the street doesn't fall through the cracks as Basham's case did. Write letters to the judge and to to Prosecutor Plants' office. Make sure they know that neighborhood watch voters are not just watching the bad guys, we're now watching the good guys, too, because we may wish to vote for prosecutors and judges who will put drug dealers out of business.

If you live in the city limits of St. Albans and you support the goals and methods of neighborhood watch as a means of improving the city of St Albans, join "Public Group For St. Albans Neighborhood Watch" on Facebook at ::https://www.facebook.com/groups/PublicGroupForSt.AlbansNeighborhoodWatch/.

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