05 July, 2012

The Casey Anthony Story We Want But HLN Won't Tell Us

Attention HLN, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace and everybody else at HLN: Casey Anthony is not the story. Casey Anthony's parents are the story. Tell us about them.

If HLN were a novelist and their coverage of Casey Anthony were the novel, the novel's fatal flaw would be its failure to develop the two most important characters: George Anthony and Cindy Plesea Anthony.

Yes, the "Tot Mom" who many believe got away with the murder of her 3-year-old is back in the news but we don't care. Her lawyer, Jose Baez, wrote a book and we don't care because Baez' book won't tell us what we want to know: how Casey Anthony became Casey Anthony. That's the story we want and it's the story HLN won't tell us.

We'll buy a book written by someone who knew the Anthonys and the Pleseas back in Niles, Ohio.

We'll buy a book written by a Casey Anthony classmate who hung out with her at the Anthony home  after school and remembers when Casey was a shy, quiet kid, not the party girl HLN thinks we want to hear about.

Why did George and Cindy cover up Casey's pregnancy for 7 months? How was Casey able to hide the baby bump from her own brother, Lee, while living under the same roof with him?

Why was Casey able to have a fake job for 2 years while she lived under her parents' roof? 

Why did Casey's parents let her fail to graduate from high school?

Why do some of Casey's childhood friends say Casey underwent a drastic personality change?  

What can former friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers back in Niles, Ohio tell us about the Anthony family?

Most of HLN's viewers will never experience the loss of a child but most of us are or will be parents and all of us are products of parenting so while we may not be able to emotionally connect with the cynical coverage of Casey Anthony, Hot Body Contestant we all worry that domicile may be destiny and that the parenting we received or gave is a determinism that may have already produced the next Casey Anthony.

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